Girls Frontline.

My rating– ☆☆☆☆☆

Being bored in bed or on the couch means I’ve played a lot of games. Essentially every anime game (😹) especially the gachas. Hundreds of ’em, installed, tested then deleted. Until I opened Girls Frontline. Nothing like waifus and guns from the comfort of the couch!

Girls Frontline is a strategic, bullet hell, map clearing game with cute chibis that are modelled as various firearm makes and models and non chibi form for story and the rest of gameplay.

The animation is smooth and nicely done with much of the artwork done by various talented artists. To each his own but I do love good eye candy 😻

The developers are generous and this is possibly the least pay to win game I’ve ever played, however I do whale a bit to support these awesome devs. I suggest maxing echelons and increasing t-doll space the rest is up to preference and gacha is for cosmetic purposes only. Gems are easily obtained by clearing chapters with S rank. You can find the Sunborn GFL site here with links to install the game from your os app store. You can also follow GFL on Twitter for event updates and new t-doll releases.

The story is nicely done and voices are a neat touch, some like MDR’s manic laughter when you tap on her in the dorm totally makes my day when I hear it’s adorableness.

I’ve been playing since early October and have made pretty good progress. Unlike another game I recently quit for many reasons, getting to late game and finishing story 3 WEEKS in isn’t exactly a good thing in my fine opinion *coughroyalchaoscough 😼

Feel free to add me, my list is full up but it shifts around a bit from time to time! This is an introduction and rating of the app game Girls Frontline, gameplay articles are to come.

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