House hunting sucks.

Feels like my eyes are crossed I’ve looked at so many listings the last few days 😸 Feeling good about what we’ve found and plan to apply for. Good times. And also good timing because my peepers need a break!

I’m looking forward to this move being done and we just started this process in the last week so talk about spur of the moment heh. Most of the homes seem to be open and wheelchair accessible in all if not most areas so that pleases me. Also, even though I hate carpet, if there’s stairs I’ve been looking for carpeted stairs since I feel like if I fall the carpet will provide extra padding so I would (hopefully) injure myself less. Gotta admit I feel sorta geriatric thinking about these things 😹

Our goal is to be moved into a new home by Thanksgiving… wish me luck!

On the EDS front, I’ve been having a time these last few weeks especially. My spine from stem to stern is absolutely jacked, most especially my neck. It feels like the thing is going to just snap at any time, my head is SO very heavy ugh. Hormone flush is jacking my supremely screwed up lumbar/SI/hip region so the always lovely “girdle of pain” is back. Hopefully I can sleep soon!

Sweet dreams!

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