The “EDS ninja.”

I am a middle aged, engaged female who was born crippled. Amazingly adaptable and resilient, it wasn’t even known I was disabled until I reached my 30s. This is essentially the reason behind the name “EDS ninja:”

All of my life I’ve had to use my intellect to modify my surroundings to work for me and use items to help me do so. Sometimes, I’ve even had to modify myself… mainly with the way I think.

I spend 98% of my days on a couch or in bed and need a wheelchair to get around for any distance as my bones no longer want to even support my body. I’m currently recovering from stress fractures on my left tibia and fibula and it’s not pleasurable, but it’s my life. And, what I deal with makes me strong at a level able bodied folks can’t attain (nor understand 😆)… it isn’t a curse of God, some punishment for some misdeed, nor am I a malingerer… I was simply born with a LOT of mutated DNA.

My soon to be husband and I are about to move to our first homestead. I’ve done quite a lot of things in regards to that lifestyle before, so I know what it entails, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll enjoy doing the “impossible” not in spite, but because I already know I got this.