Quiet on the homefront.

Level 50!

We have been busy filing taxes and doing what needs to be done for our move next month. I’m so excited! The air pollution where we are is awful and I’m looking forward to being able to breathe alright again. Beginning the packing and purging and feels like we have a good grasp on everything. My life never goes this smoothly! 😅


I have been taking a break from most social media, except Twitter, I quite enjoy Twitter. I am largely focused on my journaling, writing, reading, and games. Azur Lane has become my main game besides Girls Frontline. It’s so free to play friendly and I’m already at level 50 and am doing good (I think lol) for a week in. In GFL I finally got my second legendary shotgun, I feel like I have enough good SGs and MGs to hit the next chapter work maps well once I finish leveling and linking them. I’m happy! I began Cocoppa Dolls as well… once I figure out the supporter program thing I’ll link my info in a new article. 🖤

Azur Lane

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I just picked Azure Lane up yesterday and I think I might like it more than Arknights, we shall see! I played it once before but my kids skipped tutorials so I had NO idea what I was doing. It makes a lot more sense now lol! It’s great for passing the time and I think I’ll keep it since I reached level 30 already. It’s a decent start.

LUCKILY, I managed to start on the Sandy server, which is relatively new so the timing was great. Belfast was one of the reward ships and I have enough gems I’m hoarding for most likely her Live 2D costume releasing end of this month. I sorta love it ☺️☺️

Three main games 🖤

I’ll keep playing both AL and Arknights to see how they go. I do enjoy both and now that leaves Cocoppa Dolls releasing Monday (January 20th)! One thing I’ve been grateful for with my discovery of some amazing anime games is that I was able to delete most of the games off my phone, which was a significant amount lmao! Things feel much lighter these days!

One page, this is epic.

Arknights: First day.

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My first 10-roll was not too bad!
Who I chose from pre-registration gift 🖤

I was a little late and have been busy to give it my undivided attention yet, but I am LOVING this game! Arknights is a tower defense strategy game that was globally released today.

Once I more than just cut my teeth on it, I’ll write up a better review but I have to say that I have no complaints so far, the story is lovingly cheesy (a la Girls Frontline), the characters edgy and I can’t wait to get more gameplay under my belt… welp, you know where to find me!

GFL Snowy Nights Event end.

Ready for HOC system?

I got all the drops! (Screens below👇) I had a 5 linked Px4 so I got one of her and I cored her 🙈🙈 I missed I think three days total of the Snowy Nights event so I didn’t buy out the event shop, there were some cheesecakes left 🙈 I’m overall super happy with it. I have a nice cozy dorm, scored quite a few costumes and other gem buys along with event freebies. I am continually impressed with this game. I got a large Play card from Santa 😉 and I spent all but a few bucks of it on GFL lol!

I’m quite close to the required chapter (ch8:2 of 6) needed for the new HOC system that will arrive with tonight’s update, so that is my main focus along with my HG-SG-MG team…

I even lucked out with a landmine fairy some weeks ago, so the timing was perfect on her. This team is my current project for both the next major event and night battle progression. I have some other SGs too, including a x4 linked Spas but this is my current setup.

So cozy!

This week brings me to end of month two of Girls Frontline and I’m still playing it more than my other games. I picked up Dream Girlfriend again, it’s been an on/off game of mine for a few years and Love Nikki daily (again). I’m waiting on 2 games to release; Coccoppa Dolls & Arknights. Lastly, I’ve been working on my video skills so I can begin making walkthroughs that folks have asked for (though there are many great ones on YouTube already!!).

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A Snowy Night Capriccio.

The Girls Frontline holiday event is awesome. Killer rewards!! I cleared all the maps the first day, and I suggest peeking at Reddit to see the farm routes and suggestions. I find them immensely helpful.
I liked the storyline a lot. It was entertaining and cute (I have an odd sense of what cute is guys lol). The maps weren’t hard to clear but I would guess I’m somewhere mid-game now. The farming is quite fun, I don’t feel it’s a chore at all.
I need the titmas tree costume with a serious intensity 😹, hoarding those tickets– over halfway there 🎄
Gatcha luck! I got 2 so I now have my first black card hahah.
I pretty much couldn’t resist this costume, and some other packages 🤭
57 attempts and I brought CMS home. Going for QJY 88 next.
This event costume only took 3 days of farming stars, so not bad at all! One more costume to go and hoping to buy out the shop by not missing a farming day. This game brings me so much joy and pain distraction. I’d say 3 years of heavy gaming and this has every single one beat– I’m a lifer 🖤

Why Royal Chaos royally sucks.

After only three weeks… 🤦‍♀️

My rating– ☆☆★★★

Yeah, it’s that bad. The screenshot pretty much says it all. I shit-you-not reached damn near endgame in Royal Chaos in LESS THAN A MONTH. Like, what sweet fuckery is that?!

I started playing when YouTube Viv made a few gameplay videos about RC. The story ended up being interesting yet badly translated, and by this I mean I have played a shit ton of Asian games and none were this bad 🙈

My bastard love child. Even has my traits & sign, awww 😼

SO. Some aspects of the game have potential if the grammar and animation glitches were fixed. I liked the house, pets, and of course battles but the baby thing was pretty weird.

You literally HOLD HANDS to make your bastard love child (as you’re also still, technically, a concubine of the Emperor Mu 🤮) and dear, milk-swilling, holy, infant Jesus are they babies or LITTLE GOLD SUCKERS because yeah, upkeep is bad. You have to keep it healthy too, which can cost actual money (jade).

Events were only easy to rank in if you spend enough money for jade, are active in a top ranked faction (which I did both, VIP 7 & #1 faction), and remain super social and by that I mean online pretty much as often as you breathe. Obsessively. No, thank you. I got exhausted with that really fast. Because I am… not social.

This game is pretty spendy if you’re playing for anything besides very filthy fucking casual. Lots of odd conversations in Hall chat and some of the others. Creeper type dudes (& chicks) abound. Juvenile drama. The developers, Wish Interactive, are greedy. I really don’t recommend it.

The one upside, I got to meet a few cool girls from RC. My Kisa🖤, most especially!

I 🖤 U!


This is an event that just began a few days ago on my main game; Girls Frontline. (For my review, see this post.) It began on Tuesday and I’m 2 nodes (14 of 16) from completing the first chapter. I’m taking my time with it but hoping to at least get close to finishing all the chapters before it ends 🤞

Since I’ve only been playing about 5 weeks, I think I’m doing pretty well. I’ve just hit commander level 60, have more than 5 t-dolls leveled to 90+ and dummy linked 5 times. I do have a GFL guru I’ve been getting help and tips from, she’s been a huge lifesaver when I’ve felt lost! (I 🖤 u, Kisa!!)

I busted my ass running logistics to pull for the Russians (AN & AK) and caved so I ended up with quite the AR haul and I got AK right away, kinda shocked on that one still lol! I’m pulling again when rate is up sooo maybe soon I’ll have my duo.

I’ve also attained 2 Ballistas from boxes and have slammed through chapters 6 & 7 in the last many days so I have a nice little gem stash starting. I don’t see anything this gacha banner that says buy me but I may cave for some shop costumes, haven’t really decided yet as I’m thinking I could use oath rings for M4A1 and ST AR hmmm… 🤔🤔

In regards to Singularity gameplay I’d have been pretty lost if it wasn’t for HibachiMan’s YouTube walkthroughs. I’m looking to finish chapter 1 tomorrow, my eyes are a bit bleary hah hah.

Singularity event drop 😻

Girls Frontline.

My rating– ☆☆☆☆☆

Being bored in bed or on the couch means I’ve played a lot of games. Essentially every anime game (😹) especially the gachas. Hundreds of ’em, installed, tested then deleted. Until I opened Girls Frontline. Nothing like waifus and guns from the comfort of the couch!

Girls Frontline is a strategic, bullet hell, map clearing game with cute chibis that are modelled as various firearm makes and models and non chibi form for story and the rest of gameplay.

The animation is smooth and nicely done with much of the artwork done by various talented artists. To each his own but I do love good eye candy 😻

The developers are generous and this is possibly the least pay to win game I’ve ever played, however I do whale a bit to support these awesome devs. I suggest maxing echelons and increasing t-doll space the rest is up to preference and gacha is for cosmetic purposes only. Gems are easily obtained by clearing chapters with S rank. You can find the Sunborn GFL site here with links to install the game from your os app store. You can also follow GFL on Twitter for event updates and new t-doll releases.

The story is nicely done and voices are a neat touch, some like MDR’s manic laughter when you tap on her in the dorm totally makes my day when I hear it’s adorableness.

I’ve been playing since early October and have made pretty good progress. Unlike another game I recently quit for many reasons, getting to late game and finishing story 3 WEEKS in isn’t exactly a good thing in my fine opinion *coughroyalchaoscough 😼

Feel free to add me, my list is full up but it shifts around a bit from time to time! This is an introduction and rating of the app game Girls Frontline, gameplay articles are to come.