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Hi, I’m El 😸 I am in my 40s. In my active days I was into horses, hiking, shooting guns or arrows, many artforms as well as crafts. I have published knitting patterns at Ravelry as well as experience with self taught web design and development, dyeing (tie dye and wool yarns/fibers), soap making, woodworking, metal work, I’ve dabbled in photography, and interior design. I am INFJ enneagram 5w4YeahI am a former model and professional vocalist and still do freelance writing, as a hobby. I used to be an avid traveler and camper before EDS made that such a challenge.

I am a spiritual person. I would call myself an eclectic witch if I had to choose a title but I hold and practice a smattering of beliefs and practices. I just strive daily not just to live, but to live as a good of a person that I can be. Weird fact about me is my genetics are fucked. Shit.you.not FUCKED. It’s honestly no surprise once you know how I was the golden ticket winner of this genetic soup of shit: I am a direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots, down and up the line (to King David in the Bible– through bastardy of course 🤣) so to be quite frank, rather than glamorous it’s actually kinda embarrassing, inbreeding people! Inbreeding. *sigh

I enjoy reading, singing, games; card, board, console, PC, and app. I stick mainly to app games of the electronic type as I am prone to motion sickness bouts during gameplay.


My main game is Girls Frontline. I adore this game for a multitude of reasons, I will make an article extolling the virtues of this glorious game very soon and link it here here ya go! 😼I play the ENGLISH version. There are in game comics and also two versions of anime that you can sometimes find English dubbed/subbed on YouTube.

IGN: Jorii
UID: 841742

Love Nikki is quite fun but can be hard to do much progress with a free to play account, after some time and a lot of patience you could acquire quite a lot however. I don’t play as much as I used to. The story is quite fantastic and there is even a manga now 😸

IGN: LittleRed
UID: 106139954

Toram is really fun and an actual near console quality mmorpg. The gatcha can be spendy. I prefer to save my orbs for structural buys (mainly storage lol). If you see me I likely won’t talk to you much, I am not a fan of how chat is structured there, I promise I’m not trying to be rude.
I have a LOT of characters 🙈 My main is a shield (battle) mage. Some of my other faves are my katana vampire, magic gunner, and knuckle-fu girlies 🖤

IGN: Jorii♡

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Action-Oriented, Proficient, Driven, Independent, Deeply Immersed, and Creative

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