A peek inside.

I posted before about my Foxy and how much I love her 🖤 Details again, however, are as follows: Foxy Fix folio #7 in Spice Juniper, which is a deep and weathered appearing grained leather. Wide, with petal pockets. Black stitching and elastics. Moon phase (on the spine) and “♡ always” deboss in oil slick. Both smells and feels great. My pen sleeve is a large Spice Peppercorn with black stitching and falling stars deboss in oil slick.

This journal style is called a travelers notebook and I employ it because I use a number of different journals; art, grimoire, hobonichi, and more. My bullet journal is separate and I have a whole other book for that system (which for me is mainly household topics and lists).

Plannersquad.com defines travelers notebooks as–

A Traveler’s Notebook is basically a book-like cover that holds more than one smaller notebooks or inserts with elastic bands. Each elastic band can hold up to three notebooks.

It’s not really winter yet, at least for me in SoCal lol, so Gryffindor colors stay in the mix. I really enjoy my fall rainbow so I’m going to keep it a bit longer while I plan out clip art for the holidays. Speaking of, I’m hoping to get some stuff made up for the journaling (especially those with EDS 😉) community, a pay it forward sort of thing and the clip art will be available soon when I have my new domain set up!

This is as good as it gets– for now 🙈 Hopefully I get over this thing I have with anyone seeing the guts of my journals! This is my hobonichi weeks in a black glitter ⭐ jelly cover (purchased here) from the last week. Just ink. 😸 Mostly I haven’t been using ANY decoration (washi, stickers) but I found a nice sticker and washi combo I’m going to try to incorporate this week. We’ll see how it goes!

*This is not a sponsored article. At the time of this publication, Foxy Fix is running a sale. Use the code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” at checkout for 15% off your order. 🥰🎄 (until 12/31 @ 11:59pm PT)


It’s great for the soul and a therapeutic way to organize your life, artwork, and keep lists together. There’s a lot of different ways to journal and I pretty much do them all lol 🙈
❥・・⋆bullet journal
❥・・⋆sticker binder (yup 🥰)

My bullet journal is a dotted journal I found from Wal-Mart, the cheap Exceed one everyone has essentially. The paper is pretty decent😸 For daily– I use a Hobonichi Weeks, spring version. The rest I do travel journal style: stringed books in a leather cover. I have had some in the past I purchased from seller off Etsy, but for my last birthday D gifted me a #7 Foxy Fix Folio (leather type/color: Spice Juniper) and penholder (leather type/color: Spice Peppercorn) that I had wanted for YEARS! Then, I found a #2 Foxy (Sugar Icing) in a Facebook resale group that I plan to use for my wallet. I will get a new string kit and wallet insert for it, so it’s a work-in-progress.

I’m a super private person so getting to see the insides of my journals is to come, I think… but bear with me y’all, I’m working on it BUT it may be some weird issue like phone use is for me– we shall see!

Some of my favorite finds were a sticker subscription called Stiicki Club, Mercharms for delightful handmade sparkly things, Mildliner highlighters, a bullet journal cover from SewWhatElseIsNew, and my Hedwig dangle is from Love Neen 🖤

*not a sponsored article